How to be a male scientist in the Minecraft universe

The Minecraft universe, which boasts nearly 60 million players, is filled with female scientists.

This week, a subreddit on Reddit called “Modders and Male Scientists” gained nearly 5,000 subscribers and more than 30,000 followers.

A Reddit user called jesus_s_napkins posted a picture of a female Minecraft scientist named Jena, who is credited as “the first female scientist in Minecraft.”

[Reddit] “It’s a great idea, but I think it’d be a bit too easy for a male player to do it,” Jena told me.

“You’d just be playing Minecraft in a woman’s body.

I just thought that would be an interesting way to introduce it to the world.”

Jena says she doesn’t want her gender to be an issue.

“I don’t want to be the only female person that’s in the game,” she said.

“It doesn’t have to be like that.

I’ve got friends who are very much into Minecraft, so I’m very open to it.”

When I asked Jena what kind of work she’d like to do, she mentioned being a “biochemist” or a “physicist.”

She said she has a love for science and doesn’t mind working on something that she enjoys.

But I wanted to find out how many women are working in the industry.

I asked her to share her stats and then share her thoughts.

Jena said she works at a “medical laboratory,” which she said is where she’s seen a lot of female scientists doing work.

Female scientists are “very passionate about their research,” she told me, and they are “trying to push the boundaries” of science.

“There’s not really a clear division between what the research looks like and what the results are,” she explained.

She said that it’s hard to find a female scientist who doesn’t work at some point in their career.

Jenas own field of study is “genetics,” which is where a lot women study.

She works at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Jeni and Jena also said that women are finding that it is easier to get hired as scientists, given that they are more likely to be qualified.

“Women are always being looked at as the next thing to the guy who is going to be doing a lot more research,” Jeni said.

Jema said that she has found that she’s been accepted to work at a university that has more women in its science departments.

“They have a lot fewer women in the labs, and that’s a big problem,” she admitted.

“We have a higher attrition rate for female scientists.”

A Reddit AMA (ask me anything) session with female Minecraft scientists (with their full names) was held this week.

The AMA was sponsored by the Minecraft Science League (MSL) and featured female Minecraft developers and scientists from around the world.

The community has already gathered some interesting data.

A group of female Minecraft players from the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Canada responded to a question about whether they were more likely or not to want to work with a female developer.

The majority of respondents said they would be willing to work, but it was unclear whether the women were necessarily interested in the type of work that the developers were interested in.

For Jena and Jema, that’s because they don’t necessarily feel like they are working towards a career in science.

Female Minecraft players are generally more interested in “building” their characters or having adventures.

“If you get to that point where you have an idea for something and you’re passionate about it, and it’s the right type of game, I’d definitely consider that,” Jema explained.

“But I don’t know that I’m the right kind of person for it.”

Jema is not the only woman to have expressed interest in being a Minecraft scientist.

Other female Minecraft fans have expressed their interest in becoming Minecraft developers as well.

In January, a Redditor named britney wrote about wanting to work in the gaming industry.

“In the future, Minecraft could be the game for me,” she wrote.

“Minecraft has been a huge inspiration for me and I hope to find some success in it, too.

I hope that I can work on my dream projects and get the recognition I deserve.”

Jeni, who grew up playing Minecraft, said that her dream is to get into the field of genetic engineering and medical research.

“So, yeah, I would love to go to the medical field,” she added.

“That’s my dream.

It’s very cool.

I’m not saying that I would go to work for a company, but [in the future] it would be cool to have that sort of opportunity.”

Jenne said that, while she doesn´t have any plans to work as a scientist, she does have a passion for science.

She wants to see more people in STEM fields.