How to Be a Feminist in the Age of Trump

Female-identified tattoo artists are the new face of the female-focused tattoo scene in the U.S., according to the latest numbers from the American Tattoo Association.

The organization reported that last year’s number of female tattooists in the country was at its highest level in over two decades.

The new numbers showed that there are now an estimated 40,000 female tattoo artists in the United States.

The group’s President and CEO, Kimberly J. Wojcicki, said in a statement that the female tattoo artist community has grown by 20 percent since 2014, with a growth of over 1,200 tattoo artists and more than 4,000 tattoo shops, in addition to the new female-identifying tattoo artist jobs in the industry.

The tattoo community has also been in a “transition period,” which means it is experiencing an influx of women and people of color into the tattooing industry, according to Wojcek.

That is not to say that tattoo artists don’t face barriers to entry, as they still face sexism, but there are many female tattooers in the tattoo business who are able to access these positions without having to go through the tattoo industry’s complicated process.

The American Tattoos Association says it is also “increasing awareness of female-identified tattoos and tattoo artists as an opportunity for women in the workforce.”

Wojcik said that the industry has been a “trendy trend” for the past decade, and noted that the tattoo market is expected to grow by 8 percent this year.

Women are the fastest growing segment of the tattoo art industry.

A 2015 study found that women represented 23 percent of tattoo artists, a share that has increased by nearly 30 percent in the past five years.

According to the report, female tattoo artists made up 25 percent of all tattoo artists last year, up from 18 percent in 2014.

The U.K. also has more female tattoo and piercing artists than any other country in the world.

However, the United Kingdom’s female tattoo industry is a little bit smaller than the U,S.

tattoo industry, with around 8,000 active female tattoo practitioners.

WajcickI said in her statement that while the tattoo community is thriving, it is still very much a “gender gap” industry, where women are not represented in any position in the market.

“We have to address that,” Wojczicki said.

“Tattoo artists need to be able to participate in the craft in the same way that anyone else.”

This story has been updated to reflect that the number of tattooists was at the highest level since the 1990s.