A shoulder tattoo has a lot of people in Ireland confused

RTE 1/11 A tattoo with a number of people’s names on it.

Source: RTE 2/11 This is the tattoo on the back of a woman’s right hand.

She is standing with her right arm outstretched.

Source 3/11 The tattoo on a man’s left hand is a picture of his wife, holding a bible.

She wears a veil.

Source 4/11 It’s on a woman, holding up a bottle of wine.

Source 5/11 Her left hand looks like it’s on fire.

She has a huge tattoo of a star on her right shoulder.

Source 6/11 She’s wearing a white shirt with an image of a heart on it and a heart-shaped cross on the side.

Source 7/11 That tattoo looks like a crucifix.

Source 8/11 Another tattoo looks a lot like a cross.

Source 9/11 And she has a tattoo of the Star of David on her arm.

Source 10/11 A woman wears a black mask and sunglasses and has a large tattoo of an eagle on her head.

She also has a star tattooed on her left shoulder.

She’s standing with one arm outspread.

Source 11/11 Source 1/10 A woman has a giant tattoo of Jesus on her shoulder.

2/10 She’s holding a bottle and a candle.

She says she’s a Christian.


3/10 The tattoo is on a girl holding up her left hand.

The star on the left is the word “Christ”.

4/10 This is a man holding up his left hand, a bible, a lit candle, and a book.

He has a black robe.

Source .

5/10 He’s wearing black jeans and a black hoodie.

He looks like he’s holding up something.

He’s also wearing a mask.

He also has his arms outstretched, as if he’s trying to show that he’s in pain.

Source and source.

6/10 Source.

7/10 There’s a man with a cross on his chest.

He says he’s a soldier.

He carries a black flag.

He is holding a black cross.

He holds up his arms.

8/10 Another man has a cross with a star.

It says “Jesus Christ”.

9/10 They have a woman holding up two candles.

She holds up a Bible.

She doesn’t have a star, but the word Jesus is written in the cross.

10/10  A man with tattoos of a lion, a dragon and a bull on his neck and a lion on his back.

He said he was born in the city of Tenerife.

Source Source and image.

11/10Source 1/9 A man has two tattoos of Jesus.

He wears a red and white shirt and black shorts.

He had two stars tattooed above his left shoulder and a star written on his left arm.

He was born from the city Tenerife in Spain.

Source 2/9 He’s holding his arms up in front of him.

He doesn’t look like he has any tattoos.

He even has a beard on his right arm.

The tattoos are a huge red star on his forehead and a yellow star on either side of his face.

He wore a red shirt with a black shirt underneath.

3 /9 He has his hand outstretched and has the words “God Save The King” written on it in the middle of his arm.

His arms are outstretched as if it’s a prayer.

He then holds up the flag.

His face is covered by a black scarf.

He and his family are wearing a black jacket.

4 /9 This is what the woman with the large tattoo says.

She said it’s for the “king” who’s coming to take her home.

She had a star painted on her hand and she said that’s a symbol for peace.

She and her family are also wearing black.

5 /9 The tattoo on her back says “I love you”.

It reads: “I’m not the king, I’m the king”.

She’s a member of the Muslim community.

She was born and raised in Spain and lives in a small village in the province of Córdoba in southern Spain.

Her family also has Muslim names.

6 /9 Her tattoos look like they’re in Arabic.

She can’t read them, but says she has faith in Jesus.

She wore a hijab.

Source 7/9 This man has an enormous tattoo on his shoulder.

He lives in Teneriffe, a small town in southern Spain.

It’s a place where a lot Muslims come to pray.

8 /9  Another man in the picture is holding up an iPad.

He wants to get a tattoo that says “My name is the lord of the world”.

He said it means that he is the ruler of the universe.

He told RTE that his name is Abu Muhammad.

9 /9 The tattoo says “Sister”, it’s written in Spanish and translates as “my