Why women are more likely to play golf than men

Female golfers have a better chance of winning tournaments than male golfers, according to a study.

The researchers say women have better technique, less of a fear of losing a ball and more confidence in their ability to putt.

“I think women are in a better position to compete in golf tournaments because of the skill, the skill is there, the strategy, the confidence and the ability to get a shot in,” Associate Professor Dr Anna Mollison said.

“They are also more likely than men to be more likely as players to hit a ball with confidence, and they are more able to win.”

Dr Mollisons research found women were more likely at least partly to win tournaments than men, despite playing only about half as many rounds.

“When we looked at how many rounds each woman played in the Australian Open and the Women’s Australian Open, it was pretty similar to men,” she said.

It seems that women are less prone to injury than menDr Mott said the data shows that female golf players are more resilient than men.

“It seems to be that women have less of an injury record than men and it appears that that’s because women are also less prone,” she explained.

“But women are not always as injury-prone as men, and that’s probably because women also have more flexibility in their joints and tendons.”

Dr Michael Rimmer, who researches injury at the University of New South Wales, said there were two possible reasons why women might have less protection from injury.

“There might be the fact that women might be less likely to have had a major surgery or a major injury,” Dr Rimmer said.