How to stop watching naked female celebrity videos

The internet has been awash in female celebrities’ nude videos over the last few years.

But is it really worth watching them?

The most popular female celebrity-bonding site, YouTube, recently banned the videos and removed their monetisation links.

The decision was taken because, according to the company, the videos contain “inappropriate, sexually explicit material”.

The videos have since been removed, and the site has been inundated with angry calls for them to be removed from YouTube.

“We’re disappointed by this decision and would like to clarify that this is a temporary suspension of all advertising revenue for all videos from naked female stars,” YouTube said in a statement.

“Any content which has been flagged as inappropriate by YouTube will not be promoted in future.”

For videos from nude female celebrities that are not related to sex, the video will remain offline.

“In an effort to combat the problem, YouTube is also making the videos public for the first time.

The first clip was posted to YouTube on May 6.”

The clip is from a video uploaded on June 15,” YouTube spokesperson Ashley Cavanaugh said.”

That clip contains images of a naked female model.

“All nudity is against YouTube policy.”

In a follow-up post, YouTube also announced it was banning the content of the videos that include nudity.

“In the future, we’ll continue to remove content that violates our community standards and policy,” Ms Cavanaugh wrote.

“As we said earlier, we’ve made this decision based on our own analysis and our commitment to respect the boundaries of our community.”

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Read moreThe ban comes amid a growing trend of women appearing in videos and sharing them with the world.

The popularity of nude celebrity-related videos has risen to an unprecedented level and has been blamed for a drop in viewers and ad revenue.

Many are now uploading videos on YouTube in order to get their work seen by the world, even if they aren’t getting paid for it.

But this trend is not limited to women, with the likes of Madonna and Taylor Swift appearing in recent nude videos.

Recently, YouTube announced it would be banning the “non-pornographic” content of nude celebrities.

In a statement, YouTube said it was making the decision because, “the content contained in these videos is illegal to share in the United States”.

“We take these decisions on the basis of evidence from the videos themselves and our review of the relevant laws.”

While we are not bound by US law, we will continue to review and remove videos where appropriate,” Ms Kalla said.

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