Which female comedians have the most black female fans?

Posted October 27, 2018 09:13:14 A female comedian’s fans are often black female comedians.

A new report says that black female comics are often the most vocal about their fandom, with the majority of fans commenting on their appearance, or their appearance in general.

Black female comedians and other minority performers make up a significant portion of the comedy community, but the majority have not been as vocal about the topic.

The report, published by the Black Comedy Collective, said the fandom of female comedians is diverse.

The black community, particularly black women, have been vocal in discussing their fandom and their gender in recent years.

“There is a lot of frustration that these women are not able to tell their stories, and the stories of black female performers,” the report’s author, Emily Geller, said.

Geller said there is a strong community of black women who feel as though they are not being represented in the media or on the comedy scene.

The Black Comedy Caucus of Los Angeles, or BLACLA, which has a website dedicated to black comedy, also said that black women are often more vocal in their support for black performers.

“They are often much more vocal,” Geller told ABC News.

“A lot of them are black female, so that makes it a lot more of a community that is supportive of black performers and their stories.”

A spokeswoman for the Black Entertainment Television Association said she has not seen the report but noted that the group’s goal is to help “everyday black people get a platform to perform.”

The group also said the report is not representative of the entire black community.

The association also said there has been a surge in black female comedy in recent months.

“Black female comedians are getting more recognition and more media exposure,” Gellar said.

“We are seeing more and more black female stand-up, black female improv, and black female singers.

We’re seeing more women on TV, we’re seeing women of color on TV.”

Geller’s report comes at a time when Black Lives Matter has been on the rise in the United States, with rallies, protests and calls for police accountability.

“The news of an increased number of black men in jail and death threats against police officers has caused many black women to reconsider their own safety,” the study’s author said.

The number of police deaths rose from 15 in 2015 to 32 in 2016.