Woman’s Pitbull Is the Sexiest Female Dating Strategy

Female Pitbulls are the sexiest female dating strategy for women, according to a study published in the American Journal of Sociology.

According to a survey conducted by researchers at University of Minnesota, female pit bulls are considered “highly desirable” for male dating.

The study looked at the preferences of 50,000 women aged 18 to 64.

Pitbull owners are also considered “very desirable” by the female owners, with a high degree of interest in adopting them as pets.

The study’s authors found that owners of female pit bull dogs were more likely to be the ones who took up the dog as a companion, but this was not always the case.

In fact, owners of male pitbulls were the most likely to adopt the dog, the study found.

In fact, female owners of these dogs were “much more likely than male owners to adopt a male dog as their pet”, the authors wrote.

“We found that female owners were more than twice as likely to seek a male companion as female owners and that female dogs were the more frequently adopted female companion than male dogs,” the authors concluded.

The findings are based on a sample of more than 500,000 female American pitbull owners.

“Male and female dogs are both highly desirable pets and this preference may reflect the perceived mating preferences of owners, but is also influenced by gender-related cues such as body language, the appearance of the male, and the quality of the breed,” the researchers wrote.

They also noted that female pitbunnies are more likely for females to be interested in adopting a male, whereas male pitbuns are more often for males to adopt female.

There is no conclusive evidence to suggest that pitbull breeding is responsible for this trend, however, the authors believe that it may be “part of a broader pattern” in the UK and other European countries.

This trend, which has only recently come to light, could “be related to the changing attitudes towards dog ownership among women”, the researchers said.

It also could be that male pit bulls may be more attractive than female ones, the researchers added.

Researchers have been finding that male dogs are perceived to be more masculine than female dogs, which is in turn linked to a lack of interest and desire for female dogs.

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