Why women should not wear the chastity device that’s being banned in Japan

This is a big topic, and I think it’s something we’re all too familiar with, but I think there are some pretty interesting things to consider when it comes to female chastity devices.1.

Female chastity straps are a “bait and switch” to get men to use the device2.

Women who wear chastity belts have less control over how much time they have access to the device3.

The strap itself isn’t designed for women’s bodies and isn’t meant for female bodies4.

It’s not designed to help prevent women from getting pregnant5.

There are some serious problems with the device and the straps are not designed for them.1- The straps are attached by a small plastic piece that attaches to a metal belt buckle.2- The strap is designed to be flexible, but it doesn’t allow the strap to move.3- The buckle can easily slip off the strap and slide off your thigh.4- The metal buckle can slip off your belt and fall down, pinning you under your seat.5- There are no straps to protect against drops.

This is all fine, but the strap doesn’t work for a number of reasons.1) It doesn’t fit a woman’s hips and thighs, and it doesn