Female Blue Jay tattoos are the most popular in the US, CNN anchors say

A female blue jays is the most frequently tattooed in the United States, according to CNN anchors who asked the question in a new feature article.

The female bluejay’s popularity is partly driven by the way it is tattooed, according CNN anchor Erin Burnett.

Female bluejays are the fastest growing tattooed animal in the world, according the New York Times.

The bluejay has a bright blue body, a blue eye, and a long tail.

They have been on the rise for years and now number more than one million in the U.S., according to the National Zoo.

Burnett said female bluejacks are tattooed by female tattoo artists and tattooed on female clients.

She said there is also a female bluejack in the zoo, and the female blue jack has also gotten a tattoo.

The new CNN report on female bluejeans comes just months after CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota asked a question about female bluejas on air.

The two women also appeared on CNN’s New Day on Jan. 14.

Camerota and Burnett said that while female bluejaes are popular, they have their roots in a more traditional tattooed art form.

Female tattoo artists typically use black ink on a red background, the New Yorker reported.

The tattoo is usually done by a male who is usually in charge of the tattoo, and usually it is done for a fee.

The New York City tattoo parlor where Burnett worked said that female bluejacuses, as well as other tattoos, are popular and often done for money.

“The female bluejiks are popular because they are very inexpensive and people like them because they don’t have to go to a tattoo parlour to get it done,” said Katie Smith, a tattoo artist at the NYC tattoo parlo.