French woman is the first woman to have a tattoo of her favourite French woman

A French woman who had the world’s first female neck tattoo has made history by becoming the first female to have an entire neck tattooed.

The tattoo was done by her husband at the request of their five-year-old daughter. 

“The tattoo is the most important part of my life.

It’s very special, and I am very happy,” Leila Zouma said in a video on her Facebook page.”

It’s the one piece that gives me strength and I can stand on my head without the fear of falling.”

Ms Zoumas husband said he was inspired by the French philosopher Voltaire who once said: “When you take a man’s sword, you must never use it again.”

The tattoo, which is on the neck of a white-haired, fair-skinned woman, was commissioned by the Zoumans in May this year.

“We wanted a female counterpart for a symbol of female independence and strength.

We chose to tattoo a symbol that represents my independence and independence from the male world,” Ms Zoumas Facebook page said.”

The first female tattoo was made in France in 1989 by a young girl who had been diagnosed with a genetic condition and had to undergo a procedure to remove a tumour on her neck,” the page said, referring to a genetic disorder that affects a woman’s spine.”

As a result of this surgery, the girl became a woman and we wanted to tattoo her neck to show that the girl is now fully free of the disease.” 

The Zoums adopted the neck tattoo after visiting France and met the tattooist.

“I’ve never seen a neck tattoo like this before,” Ms Mabrouk said.

The Zuoms said they decided to tattoo their daughter as a sign of the Zuama-Gambon community’s history and a reminder of the girl’s courage.

“Her face is her soul and she has to be protected,” Ms Boulanger said.

Ms Zoulma is a professional artist and has previously had a number of neck tattoos.

The couple said they had a “dream” of having a baby daughter but the pregnancy was disrupted by complications.