Female Cosplay Forced Female Orgasm

By By Emily Pasternak, Fortune StaffFemale cosplayers are being pressured to have sex with their male counterparts, in an effort to gain the “right” to dress up as the male version of themselves, according to a new report.

The practice of forcing female cosplayers to have orgasms through sex-related acts is “a form of rape” against female performers, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and the American Association of University Women (AAUW) said in a statement released Wednesday.

The two groups, whose joint task force is conducting research on gender and the porn industry, called on the entertainment industry to immediately end forced female orgasms.

The porn industry should take immediate action to end forced women to have female orgasm, the groups said.

The porn industry needs to work together to educate and support all its employees on how to protect themselves and their partners from this type of exploitation.

The industry needs more resources to help its employees protect themselves against this type the exploitation, said HRC Executive Director Cara M. Levin.

The organizations are calling on the industry to support female-led work spaces, to encourage all women who work in the industry, to speak out about forced female sex, and to offer education on how they can help protect themselves.

“We believe that it is imperative that every industry has resources to protect its employees from the exploitation of sex workers, regardless of the gender of the performer or performer’s sex,” said HRC President and CEO Carla J. Banks.

“The industry must act quickly to end the abuse and harassment of women working in the entertainment business.”

The two organizations are recommending that the industry adopt a policy that allows performers and other performers to refuse to perform for men if they feel it is in their best interest to do so.

A policy that does not explicitly prohibit forced female or female-driven orgasms for performers or performers who are transgender could potentially lead to a more inclusive industry, the organizations said.

While the porn, music, and gaming industries have a long history of promoting female sexuality, forced female female orgasms are rare.

Many female performers in the porn and gaming worlds have not had to engage in forced female-related sexual acts, which often involve forcing sex-based positions and actions onto women.

According to the Human Development Report for 2014, there were only eight recorded forced female vaginal orgasms, compared with 20 recorded forced male vaginal orgasems for 2014.

The lack of forced female sexual acts is also linked to a wide range of cultural and socioeconomic factors, including poverty, low-income status, and age.

“Female-driven sex is so common in many parts of the world, and there are so many cultural factors that make it difficult for young women to make choices that might benefit their own lives,” said Dr. Sarah H. M. Cone, a sexual health physician and associate professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

“This issue can only be solved through a culture change, and it is vital that we do that by creating spaces where all our young people are able to freely explore their sexuality, learn about their bodies, and be empowered,” she said.

The groups also called on porn companies to end their practices of requiring female performers to strip for male viewers.

In some cases, these companies are using striping to help their male clients, and in some cases to help men make money.

“Porn and other entertainment industries should take action to address the demand for female-dominated roles in porn, and also to take steps to make sure that all actors in porn are paid fairly,” M.C. Levin said.

“We also encourage other companies to adopt policies that explicitly prohibit forcing female performers or male performers to perform with their female counterparts.”

The organizations say the industry needs support from a diversity of stakeholders to address this issue, including actors, porn industry professionals, and viewers.

“All industries, including the porn business, must work together, as we can all contribute to the solution of the problem,” said M.H.C.-Cone.