‘Happy Birthday’ to a female dolphin born at the U.S. Marine Mammal Center

Divers at the Marine Mammals Center in St. Lucie, Florida, have given birth to a male dolphin.

The dolphin was born on April 13.

The team hopes to release him into the wild later this year.

The dolphin was named Mimi after his mom.

Mimi was born with the gene for female reproductive organs and the female’s genes.

He was born weighing about 15 pounds and was a bit shorter than most male dolphins.

The calf was a little bigger than average for his age.

He will be given the name “Mimi” because his mom is Mimi.

The Marine Mammalogy Institute says the dolphin has three genes: a mutation that leads to the female reproductive tract, a gene that makes male dolphins look more like females and a gene for a hormone that helps females become pregnant.