Why Disney is getting the most female heroes in the movies

Disney is spending billions on female heroes and villains, according to new data, with Disney’s most popular characters and villains getting female heroes, female villains and female heroes.

According to the data, Disney’s top 10 female characters and Disney’s biggest villains are all female.

That includes:The princess of ice, Ariel, is the Disney princess of snow, snow, and ice, the Disney Princess of fire, Anna, is a Disney Princess from the movie Frozen, and the Disney villain Ariel is a female Disney villain from Frozen.

The most popular female villains are Disney villains Cinderella and Snow White, the villains of Cinderella and Jasmine, and Ariel, the villain from the Disney movie The Little Mermaid.

The data also shows that the most popular male characters are the Disney heroes Hercules and Thor, the top 10 male characters in the movie Monsters University, the main villains of the film Beauty and the Beast, and Mickey Mouse.

The Disney princesses of ice and snow are the two most popular Disney villains, the highest-ranking male villains are the Snow White villain and the Frozen villain, and Cinderella is the top female villain in the Disney franchise.

The top 10 Disney villains in the most recent film, Beauty and Disney, are:The top female villains in Beauty and The Beast are:This is good news for Disney fans, because they can now see more female villains than male villains in their Disney movie.

The Disney villains get female heroes as well, but they are not nearly as popular.

That means that Disney villains are also getting female characters in their movies, which is good for the company.

The bottom line is that Disney is also getting more female characters.

Disney’s first female princess, Ariel is getting a movie, and a new villain, the Ice Queen, will get a new film as well.

And the princesses are getting more villains, too.