What we learned from the female-led Netflix original ‘The Ranch’

A female-driven Netflix original series is coming to Netflix this fall.

The new series, titled The Ranch, is set in a fictional New England ranch, but the main character is a female rancher named Nancy (Jana Lipman).

The series, based on the novel by Michael Pollan, tells the story of Nancy, a female hunter and her son, Josh (Samuel L. Jackson), as they navigate the unforgiving, unforgiving landscape of the American West in the 21st century.

The series was originally slated to premiere on Netflix in early 2018, but Netflix announced today that it will now premiere on October 16.

The series will feature a cast of five, including the titular Nancy, who was born and raised in New England.

The new series also stars former NFL player and current ESPN commentator Danica Patrick.

The first trailer for The Ranch premiered earlier this year.

The show is a blend of classic western adventure and family drama, with the two main characters, Josh and Nancy, living in a rural community and dealing with their respective roles as wives and mothers.

The trailer shows a lot of family and traditional western elements, such as horses, bison, and wildflowers.

Nancy is a passionate and caring mother, and Josh is a fierce hunter.

Josh is also the son of a rancher who lost his mother to a disease, and has since become a successful hunter.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lipman explained that Nancy and Josh’s relationship has always been a source of tension, but now it is even more so.

“They have this huge gap between them.

But now, it’s a whole new thing.

There’s no distance between them,” Lipman said.

“The characters are so much closer than ever.

They’re all in one.

And they’re also all growing up in one family.

They are all fighting for one thing, and they’re fighting for it in ways that they’ve never done before.

They have to survive together, because it’s really tough in the modern world.”

The Ranch is based on a novel by Pollan and first appeared on the PBS series Rabbit Hole.

It was also adapted into a film, starring Josh and Elizabeth Olsen.

The film received a special Oscar nomination for best original screenplay for its screenplay, which was by Pollans wife, author, and producer of the PBS program Rabbit Hole, Elizabeth Olsen, and Michael J. Sullivan.