How to make the most of female scientists

In a bid to improve the quality of female researchers, the NHL announced Friday that it will begin requiring female athletes to complete a gender neutral training program before they can participate in official hockey events.

The NHL, which has not yet announced the format of the program, will conduct a pilot program for female players in order to test the program’s effectiveness, which it expects to begin in 2019-20.

The program will require players to complete three training modules for each of the four major categories of female athletes in order for them to qualify for the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

The first module, known as “The Goal,” will focus on the skills of the athlete’s skating, skating mechanics and physical attributes.

The second module, “The Work,” will cover the player’s skating and physical characteristics.

The third module, the “Achievement,” will examine the athlete on the ice.

Players must also complete two training modules per year for the rest of their careers.

The NHL will also add three-month training camps for female athletes.

The training modules will be conducted by professional female athletes who have been certified by the World Hockey Association, the league said.

The training modules are expected to cost between $250 and $350.