Why is this NFL team wearing a black turtleneck?

This team has had a lot of bad luck in recent years, and some of those things have been attributed to bad luck.

For example, this season the Atlanta Falcons went 0-4.

So why did they wear black tights?

Well, they wanted to do something that could symbolize that.

They’ve had some bad luck and there was a team of black football players who were accused of assaulting players.

That’s when they decided to wear black.

I guess that’s an old team tradition, to wear something black that is a sign of mourning.

It’s been a long time since we’ve worn anything black on the field, but they’re going to wear it this year.

The players are wearing black for the same reason, to show their grief.

The black tucking is an important thing for this team.

It really shows the team that they are united.

They don’t want to be divisive.

They want to show solidarity.

We’re trying to show unity and unity in this organization.

It’s a really big deal for a team that is trying to build itself back up after a long down year, but it’s also an important part of their identity, too.

There’s a lot going on with the NFL these days, especially during the off-season.

This team, like most teams, is trying their best to rebuild its image.

It also gives the team a sense of unity.

So, when you see these black tuckings, it helps them build their brand and the image of the team.