Female hand tattoos are gaining popularity in India

Female hand tattooed on females face are now commonplace in India, a new study suggests.

A team from The Royal College of Surgeons of India (RCSI) surveyed the tattooed heads of females and male participants, and found that over a third of them had tattoos.

The study was published in the British Journal of Dermatology.

A majority of the female participants said they had a female tattoo.

The women’s head tattoo was on the upper cheek, while the men’s was on a side of the face.

“Women who had had female tattoos reported greater enjoyment in their relationships, less stress and a lower frequency of painful skin reactions.

The study found that the female hand tattoo was found on females more frequently than on males.

It was also found that they had greater satisfaction with their lives, and they were less likely to seek medical attention when they had an injury.”

A large majority of women, and one in three men, had been in a relationship at some point, and were dissatisfied with it.

“The authors concluded that the prevalence of female hand and body tattoos in India is increasing.

More women and more tattooed women are getting tattoos in the country, indicating that female health care workers are seeing an increase in female tattooed individuals,” said the report.

“This study provides further evidence that there is a demand for female hand-skin piercing in India.”

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