Female Bluebird to star in new female-led series about female orcs

Posted September 08, 2018 08:03:56 Female Bluebirds, one of the hottest female stars on the planet, has been tapped to play a new female orc on a new series on Disney XD, the network announced Monday.

“Female Bluebird is a new cast member who is a true warrior, an orc that fights alongside her friends and her tribe,” Disney XD president Kevin L. Barr said in a statement.

“She will be a fierce and brave warrior who will be on the front lines of the war against the orcs.”

Female Blue Bird, who has been in the spotlight for years as a fierce, talented and powerful warrior, will play the role of the leader of the female orc faction.

“The show will follow a young girl called Lala who is being raised by her uncle and is learning how to fight,” Barr said.

“When she is recruited by a group of female orcs to help fight against the evil Horde, she will be tasked with leading the women and the men into battle, in order to protect the lands of Azeroth.”

Barr did not give any details on the plot, but said the series will be about the female orcs, who are led by a woman named Misha and who fight alongside them.

“Her role is to lead the group of warriors, and she has a special ability to create new life through the use of her powers,” Barr added.

Barr previously said the network had been in talks with the actors about casting them.

The network also announced that the new series will feature an all-female cast of characters, including an all male cast.

“We’re excited to finally get the opportunity to showcase our all-star female cast on this new series, which will be the first time we’ve had a female lead on a series in more than a decade,” Barr wrote.

“This new series marks a huge step forward for our female-driven programming and we look forward to welcoming new viewers to the family of Disney XD and our incredible talent.”