How to name a cat in the world of Animal Crossing

You can name a female cat in Animal Crossing, but it’ll cost you a fortune.

That’s because it’s a female anatomy diagram.

The diagram features the female anatomy of a male cat, and is located in the Animal Crossing menu.

Once you have it, you can also choose a name for the cat.

The name you choose determines the gender of the cat, with a female named male and a female name female.

Female anatomy diagram in Animal Linker article It’s one of the more intricate and interesting diagrams in the game.

In Animal Linkers, you’ll be able to choose from the list of animal species and select a species name for your cat.

You’ll also be able buy and use animal accessories to customize the cat’s appearance.

Animal Linker’s female anatomy and name generator feature two options.

You can either select the male or female, but not both.

If you want your cat to have the female name, then you’ll have to select it in the male name generator.

In the other case, you could choose the male and female but not the female.

It’s a pretty clever trick, and a fun way to name your cat in a game.